Pedagogical Content Knowledge

One-Week Summer Institutes: In addition to MathLab™, the MC² Summer Mathematics Institute provides MC² partner district teachers with the opportunity of studying mathematics to deepen their individual understanding of mathematical concepts. Math Institutes are organized in grade bands so teachers develop pedagogical content knowledge relevant to the mathematics they teach. Teachers work alongside mathematicians to deeply understand the conceptual underpinnings of Common Core concepts and build a repertoire of strategies for incorporating the CCSS Mathematical Practices in daily lessons.

School-based Study of CCSS-M: Partner schools work within their Professional Learning Community (PLC) time or during professional development days to:

  • Study the mathematical progressions of the CCSS-M
  • Develop units of study for their classrooms that align to the standards and develop habits of mind called for in the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice. Units of study put teachers (not textbooks) into the driver’s seat so teachers use their professional knowledge regarding children’s mathematics learning to implement rich math tasks that engage students and build conceptual understanding of the standards.