Collaborative Teaching and Learning Cycle

Purposeful practice and support from colleagues sustains changes in educator practices. The CTLC is a collaborative, non-evaluative, 3-hour process, in which teachers purposely grow their practice in a way that impacts student learning.

The steps of the CTLC include a team of teachers:

    1. Choosing a professional learning focus
    2. Collaboratively designing a lesson aligned to the CCSS-M content and mathematical practices
    3. Observing the lesson to record student thinking processes
    4. Debriefing to consider student engagement, misconceptions and how the mathematical task and lesson design developed student conceptual understanding
    5. Considering next steps for student learning.

Once the CTLC process is complete, teachers reflect on the professional learning that has resulted from the collaborative work of the team and plan what new ideas they will incorporate into their classroom practice.