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Information for Students and Families

Has your child been personally invited to participate in the MOST program? Then their teacher is thinking about providing extra math learning support for them in a way that is fun for kids.

Why should I consider having my child participate?
  • Participation is FREE!
  • It’s after school (it won’t disrupt their regular school day)
  • Fun, game-based learning
  • Targeted math support in a small group setting (limited to 8 students)
  • Helps kids grow from what they already know
  • Tutors are certified teachers with additional professional learning on how to support students who need extra help in math

MOST helps children make sense of mathematics for themselves. Instead of thinking “what’s the answer” to a math problem, they start saying things like “this is how I figured it out” or “this is why it makes sense to me”. When children understand math, doors to opportunity open for them (Ted Talk: 5 ways to share math with kids). This program opens doors for kids.


What do kids think about after-school math? 
Listen to students tell us what they would say to their friends about MOST:
  • What we do
  • What I like about it


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Supporting MOST at Home

"If you want to know how to nurture the mathematical instincts of your children, play is the answer. What books are to reading, play is to mathematics. A home filled with blocks, puzzles, games and play, is a home where mathematical thinking can flourish." -Dan Finkel

5 Ways to Share Math with Kids

Guide your Child's Thinking
with These Questions
Everyday Activity Example
(En Español)

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Digital Rekenrek
Math Learning Center

Math Games

These are games your child may be learning during their Math Out of School Tutoring that are easy to play together at home.

Games to Play at Home Using Attributes for Math Thinking



DIY Puzzles Develop Spatial Thinking

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