Math Content Webinars

Math Content Webinar Support

The MC² model for professional learning includes follow-up during the academic year for K-3 PLUS and MC² partner district teachers who participated in the summer MathLab™. This support is provided in the form of live webinars and online support communities designed to enhance teacher content knowledge, implement math practices, and develop effective instructional strategies for the mathematics classroom.

The following are pre-recorded webinars along with downloadable handouts of any activities/strategies presented. We would appreciate your feedback by filling out the survey (Login: mc2) for each webinar you view.

December 2017
Webinar: Using Number Talks to Build and Support Questioning and Discourse
Handout – Number Talks Slides (PDF)

October 2017
Webinar: Facilitating Meaningful Math Discourse
Handout – Discourse Slides (PDF)

September, 2017
Webinar: Questioning
Handout – Questioning Slides (PDF)

April, 2016
Webinar: Exponential Functions (Grades 8-Algebra I)

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March, 2016
Webinar: Addition and Subtraction within 100: Extending Conceptual Value (Grades K-3)

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February, 2016
Webinar: From Counting To Counting On: Fostering the Development of Early Addition and Subtraction (Grades K-3)

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December, 2015
Webinar: Developing Number Relationships: Pathways to Fluency (Grades K-2)

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November, 2015
Webinar: Understanding Tens and Ones: A Conceptual Approach to Number and Operations in Base Ten Webinar (Grades 1-3)

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