• punch
    Lulu is making fruit punch for her Fall Celebration party and she is trying to get just the right ratio between orange juice and pineapple juice. A ratio of 2 parts pineapple juice to 1 part orange juice is just a little bit too pineappley. So then she tries a ratio of 3 parts pineapple juice to 2 parts orange juice and the result is much too orangey. What ratio of pineapple juice to orange juice might Lulu try next?

  • Answer: There are a number of ways to solve this problem but this is what Lulu did. She wants a mixture that is closer to the 67% than the 60%. She decides to double the 2:1 mixture and add it to the 3:2 mixture, which gives her a ratio of 7 parts pineapple to 4 parts orange. Just to be sure, she calculates this to be 64% pineapple.

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