Open Source Illustrative Mathematics (IM) Pilot

The goal of the Mathematically Connected Communities (MC2) two-year Illustrative Mathematics (IM) Pilot, funded by the Public Education Department, is to understand how high-quality open source mathematics curriculum can be effectively implemented in middle and high schools. Our selection process ensured representation from across the state of New Mexico, a mix of large and small campuses, both urban and rural settings, and schools committed to full implementation.


Congratulations to following schools selected
to participate in this program!


North Valley Academy
Albuquerque Charter

Vado Elementary
Gadsden Independent School District

Eisenhower Middle School
Albuquerque Public Schools

House Middle/High School
House Municipal Schools

Hoover Middle School
Albuquerque Public Schools

J. Paul Taylor Academy
Las Cruces Charter

Clayton Middle/High School
Clayton Municipal Schools

Las Cruces High School
Las Cruces Public Schools

Corona Middle/High School
Corona Public Schools

Lynn Community Middle School
Las Cruces Public Schools

Eunice High School
Eunice Public Schools

Oñate High School
Las Cruces Public Schools

Chaparral Middle School
Gadsden Independent School District

Mesa Middle School
Roswell Independent School District

Gadsden Middle School
Gadsden Independent School District

Cottonwood Valley Charter
Socorro Charter



The New Mexico Public Education Department (PED) agrees to:

  • Cover the cost of teacher substitutes/stipends (up to $1,000/year for full participation/implementation) & teacher/principal travel
  • Provide funding for mathematics professional learning materials & up to $500/participant for math manipulatives

Mathematically Connected Communities (MC2) agrees to:

  • Offer three 2-day teacher workshops annually with concurrent half-day principal leadership sessions
  • Provide up to six online follow-up sessions per year
  • Share data related to math curriculum implementation

School agrees to:

  • Implement selected open source mathematics curriculum for two years (2019-2020 & 2020-2021) within the math department
  • Middle School: Ensure that a minimum of 80% of the school’s math teachers attend all MC2 professional learning
  • High School: Ensure school’s math teachers assigned to 80% or more of the Algebra 1 sections offered attend all MC2 professional learning
  • Provide access to classrooms for observations and/or coaching
  • Provide print materials/copies of student lessons, as needed         

July 16, 2019: Online Information Meeting

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