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TestimonialsStudents participating in this summer's MC2 Math Lab are deepening their mathematical skills, while teachers are learning how to apply best math practices and their impact on students. (Courtesy Photo) JUN15

  • The MC2 Principal Professional Learning Community (PPLC) provides a space to refocus on what is important, which is student learning.
    ~Las Cruces Leadership Participant
  • Sometimes I feel so vulnerable being in this position and the MC2 PPLC always helps me not feel that way.
    ~Las Cruces Leadership Participant
  • This has been a wonderful experience for our teachers and kids. Thank you so much!
    ~Los Lunas Leadership Participant
  • Watching the actual experience via live feed or observing in the classroom was crucial for me.  The demonstration of the Number Talks and Launch, Explore, Summary lessons were also exceptional.  I have so many tools, strategies, and resources to use with my students.
    ~Las Cruces MathLab™ Participant
  • Everything is always awesome, but the chance to see it in action was invaluable!  I loved being more involved—planning, watching, debriefing instead of being left to my own inadequate devices to visualize and implement it!   I am an implementer!
    ~Las Cruces Grades MathLab™ Participant
  • I just wanted to thank all the MC² staff that worked so hard this week. It was a wonderful week of learning! I never imagined I would learn SO MUCH when I signed up! I wish school started next week so I could start implementing what I learned with my students. Again, thank you!
    ~Las Cruces MathLab™ Participant