Virtual Classroom Resources for Teachers

Need support transitioning from teaching math in a regular classroom to a virtual learning environment? There are so many resources out there, that it can become over-whelming.  Following are some suggestions for organizing information into lesson plans and incorporating technology. You may also want to check out the administrator resources page.

Instructional Support & Decision Making:




WestEd Distance & At-Home Learning


Distance Learning During
the COVID-19 Pandemic


Converting In-Person Activities to Distance Learning Activities


Successful Digital
Learning Sessions


Supporting Children During COVID-19:
A Guide for Families with Children



Facilitating Small Breakout Groups in Synchronous Video Sessions



 Apoyo para niños durante COVID-19: Un guia para familias con hijos





Prepare for next fall with IM CertifiedTM resources that engage
students next year and beyond:



Unfinished Learning



Distance Learning



Family Supports




The National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM) & the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) have published the joint document below to provide guidance for mathematics teachers and leaders at all levels to make informed decisions for next steps due to COVID-19.

Moving Forward: Mathematics Learning in the Era of COVID-19. The purpose of this document is to “focus on decisions that must be made regarding equitable access to high-quality mathematics teaching and learning, intentionally considering the needs of each and every learner and teacher. Decision-makers, whether they be teachers, teams, teacher leaders, coaches, administrators, or policymakers at the local, state, and provincial levels, must consider the diverse needs of learners and teachers when making policy and instructional decisions.”


Math Content Webinars and Videos: “How-To” recordings and handouts to develop/enhance content knowledge, math practices, and effective instructional strategies

Continuous Learning Resources:

    Math Snacks: Smart educational animations, games, and interactive tools to help mid-school learners better understand math concepts

En Español

  Illustrative Mathematics (IM): Resources for shifting instruction online

IM Talking Math: Blog



Khan Academy: Daily schedules for students ages 4-18 to keep them learning

Khan Academy worked with the experts at IM to create the best possible alignment of their materials to the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum below:

IM 6-8 Math



  Math Choice Menu for K-5: Items on this menu are grade-appropriate with some extension and/or review     Youcubed at Home: Home-friendly math tasks, as well as new explorations designed for learners at home
Tech Integration:            
      YouTube for Educators:


  Edmodo: Distance Learning Toolkit     Google Classroom: Helps students and teachers organize assignments, boost collaboration, and foster better communication
  Class Dojo: Connects teachers with students and parents to build classroom communities       G Suite for Education: Tools for educators and students as they learn and innovate together
  Padlet: Make boards, documents, and webpages that are easy to read and fun to contribute to     Ed Puzzle: Make any video your lesson
  Flipgrid: Record and share short videos     Screencast-O-Matic: Video recording and editing
  Spin the Wheel – Random Picker: Decision making fortune wheel app (Google Play)

Spin the Wheel – Random Picker: Create and spin custom wheels
(App Store for iPhone & iPad)

    Dice 3D 7 Pixels: Full set of realistic 3D dice to play your favorite role-playing games (Microsoft Store)

Dice 3D 7 Pixels: Realistic 3D dice roller (App Store for iPhone & iPad)

Additional Resources:            
STEM logo   NMSU STEM Outreach Center: Community Support Resources

    KRWG Learning: APS@HOME broadcasting from 8 AM – NOON weekdays on KRWG-TV Broadcast Channel 22.1, KENW in Portales & New Mexico PBS in Albuquerque
  CNN 10: News explained in ten minutes     Common Core State Standards: Key Shifts in Mathematics