Affiliated Programs

New Mexico Public Education logo
NM Public Education Department – The New Mexico Public Education Department (PED), is one of our funding agencies. MC2 works closely with the state PED to ensure NM teacher receive quality professional development.

K-3 Plus logo

NM PED K-3 Plus – The purpose of K–3 Plus is to demonstrate that increased time in kindergarten and the early grades narrows the achievement gap between at-risk students and other students, increases cognitive skills and leads to higher test scores for all participants.

Change the Equation

Change the Equation – Change the Equation is a coalition of corporate members leading a movement to ensure that every young person in the U.S. is STEM literate through high-quality STEM experiences that spark a lifelong love of learning.  MC2 is listed as a Promising Program in Change the Equation’s STEMworks database of effective STEM learning programs.

CORE-RDA CORE (Collaborating for Outstanding Readiness in Education) is a team of dedicated educators which include National Board Certified Teachers, Instructional Specialist, award winning administrators. CORE serves educators throughout New Mexico by providing on-sight professional development in reading and math. CORE collaborates with educators to improve classroom instruction in reading, writing, math and positive behavior interventions for all students, with an emphasis on students with Special Education needs. CORE supports principals in strengthening their instructional leadership in order to achieve greater outcomes for students, especially those in the lowest quartile of academic achievement.

mathsnacksSTEM Outreach Center – Smart educational animations, games, and interactive tools that help mid-school learners better understand math concepts.  NMSU’s own Media Productions partners with research groups, faculty, and programs nationally and internationally to create educational media in various disciplines to create Math Animations, Games and instructional tools for mid-school learners.

STEM logoSTEM Outreach Center – State-wide Resources for STEM Learning: Creating the next generation of scientists, mathematicians, and engineers. Programs include, Scientifically-Connected Communities or SC2– teacher and district professional learning across the state of New Mexico, Century 21 program with partner districts  a 12 million dollar grant for After-School and Informal STEM education in over 44 schools
STEM after school programs include: SEMAA (Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Aerospace Academy), DiMA (Digital Media Academy), COUNT (Creating Opportunities Using Numerical Thinking), Readers Theater, and others!

The SOAR Lab/Alliance provides: Research Support for Outreach Programs (MC2, SC2, CORE, Innoventure, Project GUTS, and NM PRE-Engineering) opportunities to connect with schools and districts, Development of Grants, Research Designs, Research instruments, Connections to projects across campus and paid and credit-based research internships for undergraduate and graduate students.
Dr. Trujillo also oversees the Educators Rising program – HS Teacher Recruitment.