About Us

Mathematically Connected Communities (MC² ) is:

  • A partnership of dedicated math educators, including teachers, mathematicians, researchers, and school district administrators, working collectively to improve mathematics learning for K-12 students across the state of New Mexico
  • State and federally funded by New Mexico Public Education Department (PED), US Department of Education/Math-Science Partnership (MSP), and Higher Education Department (HED)

Our vision is to improve student achievement and the teaching and learning of K-12 mathematics by building a statewide learning community of mathematics educators, mathematicians, and public school leaders.

Our mission is to develop a sustainable, statewide learning community of teachers, teacher leaders, and principals who are highly knowledgeable about the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSS-M) and effective instructional strategies that support all students’ learning and achievement in mathematics.

The goal of Mathematically Connected Communities (MC²) is to improve mathematics learning for students in grades K-12 through professional learning experiences that

  1. Build teacher mathematics knowledge and pedagogical skills for effective teaching and
  2. Promote district capacity for creating support systems and structures for educator
    ongoing, job-embedded professional learning.

Brochure: Click here for a brochure to learn more about MC².