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   Creating Mathematically Connected Communities

The MC2 Mission

Our mission is to improve student achievement and the
teaching and learning of
K-12 school mathematics
by building a statewide learning community of mathematics
educators, mathematicians, and public school leaders.
  • The purpose of our grant is to
    • Offer year-round professional development for district leadership teams through Secondary Lenses on Learning
    • Provide school-based follow-up Professional Development with individual teachers and within professional learning communities (PLC) to
      • Align Assessments with Standards,
      • Assist districts in implementing new standards-based curricula,
      • Assist in developing and implementing ongoing assessments, and/or
      • Provide math workshops for teachers in key areas such as geometry and measurement, algebraic thinking, and number and operations.
    • Build Capacity with School District Partners to
      • Build leadership capacity of District Leadership Teams, mathematics specialists, administrators, and teacher coaches.
      • Establish a culture of continual professional learning and collaboration.
    • Develop and Support On-going Collaboration with Institutional Partners to
      • Support additional universities in improving and expanding mathematics education,
      • Build a state-wide cadre of mathematics leaders representing all stake-holders, and
      • Align statewide efforts in the improvement of mathematics teaching and learning.
  • We are funded through a grant from the New Mexico Public Education Department (PED) with U.S. Department of Education.
  • MC2 is based out of New Mexico State University. Our project is a partnership between the College of Education, the Department of Mathematical Sciences at NMSU, the New Mexico Public Education Department (PED), PED's Math & Science Bureau, and Institutional and District Partnerships. Intitutional partners include: University of New Mexico, Western New Mexico University (WNMU), Los Alamos Labs Math and Science and Academy (MSA), and Northern New Mexico Rural Schools Network (Northern Network).
    Click here for a PDF flyer about the MC2 program.