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   Creating Mathematically Connected Communities

MC2 Focus Areas

1. Summer Academies Connected to Year-round Professional Development

The yearly summer mathematics academies provide teachers with an in-depth study of mathematics content and connections between the advanced math they are learning and the math they teach at their grade level.

2. Continuous Professional Development

  • Align Assessments with Standards,
  • Assist districts in implementing new standards-based curricula,
  • Assist in developing and implementing ongoing assessments, and
  • Provide math workshops and courses for teachers in key areas such as geometry and measurement, algebraic thinking, and number and operations.

3. School District Partnerships

  • Build leadership capacity of District Leadership Teams, mathematics specialists, administrators, and teacher coaches.
  • Establish a culture of continual professional learning and collaboration.

4. Institutional Partner Collaboration

  • Support additional universities in improving and expanding mathematics education,
  • Build a state-wide cadre of mathematics leaders representing all stake-holders, and
  • Align statewide efforts in the improvement of mathematics teaching and learning.

5. Web-based Math Resources

A web-based Knowledge Network will facilitate coordination and communication between the different components of this project. It will support the communication between the diverse communities of public school administrators, teachers, mathematicians, and university math educators.

6. Certification Options

A Masters of Arts in Teaching Mathematics (MAT) is a program designed for mathematics teachers by the Curriculum & Instruction and Mathematical Sciences Department. For more information contact: Dr. James O'Donnell at 575-646-2290.