Summer MathLabs™

kids, teachers, and videographerMathLab provides MC² partner district and K-3 PLUS teachers a week-long learning design situating professional learning in grade bands K-3, 4-6, and 7-Algebra I during the summer. The classroom experience is led by Teacher Leaders while video-streamed live to participant observation classrooms where they discuss, reflect, and collaborate on:

  • How students learn math
  • Effective pedagogical practices
  • Math content for teaching

Imagine a week where:

  • Each morning, teachers observe student learning in an elementary, middle, or high school classroom! The primary purpose is to study classroom practice and students’ mathematical understanding while having an opportunity to reflect with colleagues about the lesson taking place in an authentic classroom.
  • In the afternoon, teachers deepen their own mathematical knowledge to better understand the requirements of the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics (CCSS-M) at their grade level. Through engaging in rich mathematical tasks, teachers consider lessons and instructional strategies that build conceptual understanding, and foster a community of diverse students collaboratively working as young mathematicians.

MathLab™ Goals

Goal 1: To study effective pedagogy in Mathematics by supporting classroom practice through studying elements of an effective math learning environment

  • Norms
  • Classroom Discourse
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Ongoing Assessment
  • Engaging Tasks

Goal 2: To develop conceptual understanding of Mathematics by

  • Engaging students in rich mathematical tasks to build conceptual grounding for mathematics aligned to their upcoming grade level
  • Deepening teachers’ pedagogical and content knowledge in the context of teaching mathematics

Goal 3: To support implementation at school sites including district/school administrators and teachers by providing follow-up opportunities:

  • To develop strategic plan for supporting changes in practice and learning structures for job-embedded, on-going, site-based professional learning
  • For teachers to engage in studying instructional practice in their classrooms (Collaborative Teaching and Learning Cycle)

Goal 4: To build a Teacher Leader Cadre by:

  • Building a network of teacher leaders who study and enhance their teaching practice while serving as a leader for professional learning at their school sites.
  • Providing a structure for teachers to enhance leadership skills.
  • Partnering with practicing teachers who can inform the project of how to design effective professional

MC² partner districts may contact a field specialist for upcoming summer details and locations.