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Lesson Study - New Mexico Style Resources*

Lesson Study - New Mexico Style incorporates the principles of Japanese Lesson Study, a form of professional development that breaks a tradition of isolation in education to bring teachers together as a professional community to improve teacher practice.

The Lesson Study approach to professional development builds on teachers' knowledge and experiences and provides a structure for continual improvement of instruction focused on student learning. It's based on...

  • Maintaining a constant focus on student learning goals where the goal of improving teaching is to improve student learning.
  • Reflecting on the practice of teaching as a community of professionals with the belief that long-term improvement of teaching depends on the development of effective teaching methods.
  • Encouraging teachers to keep track of changes in practice so that their learning can be shared with the broader teaching community.
  • Providing support within the context of school because improvements in teaching will be most successful if they are developed in classrooms where teachers teach and students learn.
  • Valuing teachers as the driving force behind school improvement because teachers are the only ones who can ensure that students' learning improves in the classroom.

Lesson Study Tools and Templates developed under the MathStar grant.

Current Lesson Study Activities in New Mexico

*MathNM would like to acknowledge MathStar for the materials they developed.