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Math Information and Resources for Parents



1. New Mexico Public Education Department - Math Standards

2. New Mexico Public Education Department - for district assessment reports:


3. National PTA Common Core State Standards Initiative

4. More Information about Common Core State Standards

5. More Resources for Parents to Help Your Child Succeed in Mathematics:

6. Mathematics Programs

  For Parents of Investigations in Number, Data, and Space Users

  • Pearson and Family Education Networks - This website provides a wealth of material to help parents understand the concepts behind Pearson's Investigations in Number, Data, and Space and Connected Mathematics programs. It also includes videos from teachers and students addressing the questions that are on many parents' minds, including a section on ways to help their children at home.
  • Investigations in Number, Data, and Space is a research-based, child- centered approach to teaching mathematics through engaging activities, discussions, and problem solving. Students are involved in meaningful mathematical problems, and teachers engage in ongoing learning about mathematics content and how children learn mathematics. The curriculum at each grade level is organized into units that offer from two to eight weeks of work focused on a particular content strand. These units link together with ongoing review to form a complete K-5 curriculum that offers differentiation based on each individual student's needs. Triangle Coalition member, Pearson, is a global leader in educational publishing, assessment, information, and services. More details are at www.pearsoned.com.
  • Information and Ideas for Parents (PDF) is a document about Investigations in Number, Data, and Space®, revised 2nd edition curriculum
  • Take a Peek Inside an Investigations Classroom - a video in which educators, students, and parents talk about the use of Investigation in their schools.