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MC2 Field Specialists Reports

MC2 Overarching Goal
Students/Teachers/MC2 Staff will have the confidence, ability, and purpose to think for themselves, shape their own learning, and collaborate with others.

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Academy, PD and Workshop Materials
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  • ASCD Improving Math teaching
  • Exploring the Relationship Between Reform Curriculum and Equity
    (zip for broadband or individual pdf pages for 56k or below)
  • It Doesn't Add Up: African American Student's Mathematics Achievment
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  • Lesson is a Swiftly Flowing River.pdf
  • Making Math Work for All Children
    (zip for broadband of individual pdf pages for 56k or below)

EDUC 503 Folder of Documents

MC2 Staff Email Addresses & B-days

Letterhead Templates

Math Problems of the Day (POD) from Bill Schrandt

Moriarty - more information from Bill Schrandt

Content matrix for Secondary curricula
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MESD K-12 Math Assessment
MESD K-12 Math Guidance
Pre-Observation Reflection

MC2 Information

MC2  Meeting Minutes

Project Evaluation Information

Standards Tools

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Textbook Adoption Tools - Please email them to Sheila


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