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Our mission is to improve student achievement and the teaching and learning of K-12 mathematics by building a statewide learning community of mathematics educators, mathematicians, and public school leaders.

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Upcoming MC2 Events 

  • Upcoming Mathematics Workshops and Meetings

    • FREE MC² Count Down to PARCC Webinar in November- Check back soon for upcoming webinar details and registration..

      Registration is required to attend each free webinar offered. Once you register for a webinar, you will receive an email confirmation and several reminders. Please note that the live webinar will be limited to 100 attendees; however, it will be archived and available 24/7 online at the MC² home page the week following the broadcast. Please note that if a school/district representative will be projecting the broadcast to others in the same room, then ONLY the representative should register.

    • Online evaluation forms for MC² Leadership Meetings:
    • Archived Webinars - Coming soon!
      • October
      • November
      • December
      • January
      • February
      • March
    • MC²  Mathematics Virtual Learning Community (MVLC) Modules - For details of future module dates download this flyer. Thank you for your interest!

    • CCSS Regional Workshops 
      MC2 partner districts please contact your MC² Field Specialist
      for your district's schedule.  

    • English Language Learning PD: Reasoning Quantitatively, Abstractly and Precisely - Level 2 Workshops: Helping ELL to be mathematically proficient - designed for "regular" 4-12 mathematics teachers (not just the ELL teacher) to improve the mathematics learning of English Language Learners (ELL) in their classroom. These Level 2 & 3 Workshops are for those who have taken the MC² Level 1 Workshop in 2012.     

      Level 2 & 3 workshops: Contact an MC² Field Specialist for details
  • MC² Resources for Recent Professional Development

    • ELL Workshop Resources

    • Regional Workshop Resources

    • 2012 Summer Common Core Mathematics Academies/Leadership Resources
      for use by Implementation Teams

    • 2012 NM Common Core State Standards Mathematics
      Leadership Conference

  • MC² Newsletters
  • MC² Office Contacts


  • MC² Newsletters

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MC² Summer Academy Activities

For more information please contact
   the MC² office or your MC² Facilitator

² Office:
Office Phone: 575.646.3084
Fax: 575
Email: mc2@nmsu.edu

Mailing Address:
Box 30001 MSC 3R
Las Cruces, NM 88003

MC² Facilitators:
Please visit the Regional Facilitator page
for your regional contact.