Creating Mathematically Connected Communities

Our mission is to improve student achievement and the teaching and learning of K-12 mathematics by building a statewide learning community of mathematics educators, mathematicians, and public school leaders.

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Upcoming MC2 Events 

  • MC² Countdown to PARCC Webinars
    • MC² Countdown to PARCC Webinars are held monthly.
    • MC² research districts and New Mexico educators have first priority to register for the webinar. They are notified when the next webinar is scheduled via the MC² Countdown to PARCC listserv. If there are remaining slots available, they are on a first come/first served basis to educators outside of New Mexico.
    • Registration is required to attend each free webinar offered. Once you register for a webinar, you will receive an email confirmation and several reminders.

      Please note that the live webinar will be limited to 90 attendees. However, it will be archived and available 24/7 online at the MC² home page the week following the broadcast. Please note that if a school/district representative will be projecting the broadcast to others in the same room, then ONLY the representative should register.

  • MC² Countdown to PARCC eNewsletters - Anyone who would like to receive the upcoming monthly MC² Countdown to PARCC eNewsletter and is not currently on the MC² listserv may subscribe by emailing their name, district, city/state and grade level they teach to

  • Partner District Leadership Meetings: Leadership teams comprised of central office and campus level administrators and lead teachers attend meetings facilitated by MC² staff a minimum of three times per year to develp and monitor their District plan for improving mathematics learning. Please contact your MC² Field Specialist for your district's schedule.

    Online evaluation forms for MC² Leadership Meeting #2 link.
    (Contact an MC² Field Specialist for password.)

  • MC² Mathematics Virtual Learning Community (MVLC) Modules: Details regarding 2014-2015 online modules will be posted at a later date. Sample flyer for past events. Thank you for your interest!

  • CCSS Regional Workshops* - previous workshops may be replicated in New Mexico districts.
  • English Learner Worshops*
    • Level 1 Workshop: Prerequisite to Level 2
    • Level 2 workshop: Reasoning Quantitatively, Abstractly and Precisely: Helping ELs to be mathematically proficient - designed for "regular" grades 4-12 mathematics teachers (not just the EL teacher) to improve the mathematics learning of English Learners (ELs) in their classroom.
    Workshops available upon request (minimal charge may apply). Email for details.

    Archived MC2 Resources 

  • MC² Countdown to PARCC Webinars
  • MC² Countdown to PARCC eNewsletters

  • MC² Countdown to PARCC FAQs
  • MC² Newsletters
  • MC² Resources for Past Professional Development
    • EL Workshop Resources
    • Regional Workshop Resources
    • 2012 Summer Common Core Mathematics Academies/Leadership Resources
      for use by Implementation Teams
    • 2012NM Common Core State Standards Mathematics
      Leadership Conference Resources


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MC² Summer Academy Activities

For more information please contact
   the MC² office or your MC² Facilitator

² Office:
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Mailing Address:
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MC² Facilitators:
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